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Juniors - Year 6

The children are encouraged to develop written work with both factual and imaginative content. Oral skills are encouraged through debate, discussion, individual presentations and the reading of poetry and literature. Reading, written/oral comprehension and grammar skills are reinforced.

Number, decimals, fractions, percentages, averages, ratios and fractions are studied in detail. Also: shape and space including area, volume and capacity, measures standard and non-standard, geometry, data handling, constructing and interpreting data from graphs, charts and tables. Problem solving and mental arithmetic are undertaken to a higher level than in previous years.

Electricity, Dissolving, Micro-organisms, and First Aid are covered using a practical, experimental approach. The children receive an introduction to senior school science within a Primary Laboratory setting.

The foundations of the modern world are studied from the Georgians through to World War 2.

Water and Rivers and a study of Rainforests. Both topics include personal projects, presentations and detailed mapwork skills.

Four elements - speaking/listening/reading/writing

Greet People and introduce yourself

  • Numbers 1 to 90
  • Classroom Vocabulary
  • Dictionary Practice
  • Talk about where you live (town/village)
  • Ask someone where they live
  • Pets
  • Colours
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Leisure activities

Grammar Covered

  • Definite Article
  • Indefinite Article
  • Nouns (singular & plural)
  • Adjectives
  • How to make questions
  • Possession
  • Regular 'ER' verbs
  • Negatives

Religious Education
A study of the life of Jesus. Leadership Module.

Using all the skills gained - word processing cross curriculum tasks. Using PowerPoint to create multimedia presentations. Using Excel for Spreadsheet modelling. Use of the digital camera. More confidence using the Internet to search for data.

Music, Drama, Art and Craft and Physical Education... ...complete the curriculum.


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